3 Beauty Habits

3 Beauty Habits We All Need.

I used to be so on the ball with my beauty routines, everything just became a habit, but then life got in the way, I became lazy, I’ve finally cracked my daily skincare routine again (find out how here), and now I’m just remembering the times when I felt like I had everything put together; I’m sure we can all relate! Now I’m going to fix that, I’m trying again, on just 3 beauty habits to turn it all around.

Regular Face Masks.


I used to love using face masks, I had so many for all different skin concerns. My skin loved it! However, now I just seem to make up excuses for them. Clay mask = messy to take off, sheet mask = feels cold on the face. It’s time to put that laziness to bed and make my skin love me again.

Hand Cream.

Hand Cream

I have hand creams everywhere, on my bedside table, in my car, in my bag, backups in a storage box, I’m sure you’re the same? But I never seem to use it anymore. Hand cream would make my hands sticky and slimy, but I’ve found so many that don’t do that anymore. My aim is to use hand cream at least twice a day. My hands get so sore from working, especially my cuticles; also, I have so many to use!

Hair Masks.

Hair Masks

I used to use hair masks every single week when I had really damaged, broken, bleached hair. Now I’ve got unbleached, recovered hair, I used to think I didn’t need to use them anymore… But did you know that all of your hair is dead except for the roots, meaning that without love and care the hair becomes broken, even if your hair is natural? I also have thick naturally curly hair that I straighten a lot, so it’s time to start using hair masks again, here’s to healthy, shiny hair!

Are there any beauty habits you want to start, or any you want to kick? Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “3 Beauty Habits We All Need.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the face masks and also with the excuses! When I use them regularly it’s great but most of the time I can’t be bothered. I guess it’s time to buck up and just do it…thanks for the reminder!

    1. It’s just so important, and really does not take as long as we all think. No porblem for the reminder, we all fall sometimes.
      -All The Best, K x

    1. i’m so glad that someone else is on the same page with self care. Keep up the good work!
      -All The Best, K x

    1. You’re very welcome lovely. I’m so glad that I’ve inspired someone!:)
      – All The Best, K x

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