6 Healthy Habits To Add To Your Morning Routine.

This blog post ‘6 Healthy Habits To Add To Your Morning Routine.’ is a guest post by Emma Eggleston; Nineteen Magazine.

Mornings can be rough. Many young people consider them to be the worst time of day, but they don’t have to be! Here are six healthy habits you can add to your daily morning routine that will help you to kickstart your day and maybe even start to enjoy the mornings. 

1. Wake Up A Little Earlier 

Most teens and young adults like to sleep in as late as possible. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because good sleep is very beneficial, but if you sleep in too late it can make your mornings feel rushed and chaotic. Try getting up fifteen or twenty minutes earlier than usual. This will let you ease into your day instead of waking up right away and instantly getting right into a busy morning routine.

2. Take A Morning Stroll 

Getting outside for some fresh air straight away will help your body wake up fully. It’s also a great way to spend some quiet time by yourself to meditate before the rush around of the day begins. Perhaps you would even enjoy getting up extra early to watch the sunrise on your morning stroll? 

3. Eat A Balanced Breakfast

So many people don’t eat a proper breakfast. It’s normal, but it’s unhealthy. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you feel more energized and get your metabolism into gear for the day. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the pre-lunch stomach rumbling that always comes at the most inconvenient of times. 

4. Reading

Reading is one of my personal favorite morning activities. Whether I’m reading a story from a magazine, newspaper, or a chapter out of my favorite book, reading lets me forget about my troubles for a moment before jumping into the day. I think reading is a great way to get your mind thinking about something or someone other than yourself which is always important as well. 

5. Drink Water 

When you wake up, your body is going to be somewhat dehydrated because obviously you haven’t had anything to drink for hours. Your first thought might be to grab a cup of tea or coffee but think again. Tea and coffee are caffeinated which means they aren’t going to hydrate you nearly as well as water would. I would recommend drinking at least one cup of water along with your hot beverage to give yourself some much-needed hydration. 

6. Listen to your Favourite Song 

Music has been shown to have massive effects on brain behavior and I think we all know it can be a major mood booster. If you seem to always wake up in a cranky mood, try popping in your earbuds to enjoy listening to your favorite song before you start your day. Just because you work at a desk doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a good hype-up song to get yourself into the right mindset! 

And there you have it, six healthy habits to add to your morning routine. I hope you’ll consider trying some of these out for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it! 

Author Bio.

Emma Eggleston is the author of the blog Nineteen Magazine which covers pop culture, celebrities, college life, and more 

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6 Healthy Habits For The Morning

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