Mimitika Sunscreen

Mimitika Face Sunscreen.

I got this sunscreen in a Birch-box, I got one in two birch-boxes in fact. I was recently sorting all my skincare products out using the skincare routine app, I actually wrote a post on this. The skincare routine app makes me realise that I have direct acids in most of my products which means that my skin is nearly always more sensitive to sun damage, even in the winter, so I decided it was time to bring out the Mimitika sunscreen from my ‘products to try’ box.

Mimitika Sunscreen

I always struggle with face sun creams, they’re nearly always too heavy, too sticky, or leave a strange white cast on my face, the Mimitika Face Sunscreen, however, is none of these things, plus it is Vegan, which is a huge selling point nowadays.

A 50ml of this cream is £17.50 which is a little more than I like to spend on sun cream, however, you only need a really tiny bit as it rubs in so well, I have been using this product for two weeks, and it hardly looks used, plus the pot I have is only the 10ml, which is £3.50 worth of product!

This sunscreen is SPF 50, with UVA and UVB protection, which is what you expect in a somewhat upmarket sunscreen, however, this cream also has vitamin E to deeply hydrate and protect from free radicals, there is also an active ingredient which helps produce melanin which encourages a healthy even tan.

Mimitika Sunscreen

Mimitika’s sunscreen is advertised as a lightweight cream, I do disagree with this, I find the cream to be very heavy and thick, however, it sticks straight into the face, and it is so comfortable, like a luxury face cream, after a couple of seconds once it has been smoothed out it feels wonderful.

I will defiantly be buying this again, as it is the only face sun protection I have owned and enjoyed using, I thought that would be impossible. Even though the price is a bot more than id like, 50ml will last for so long, even with daily use.

have you tried any Mimitika’s products? I hadn’t heard of them until birch-box, also, what is your favourite skin protection?

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Mimitika Sunscreen
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