My Nighttime Routine – It’s World Sleep Day.

Today is World Sleep Day, so I thought it was only fitting that I share my nighttime routine with you all. I find it so important to have a nighttime routine to just wipe the day away, and get ready for a new start, I have spoken about this more here.

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Getting Home.

Once I get in from work, I will have my tea, and then spend some time on social media, catching up on the world, scheduling content and engaging with you all, depending on how long this takes, I will also do something else just for enjoyment, such as journaling, playing the sims, having a nice relaxing bath or just chilling out watching Netflix.


At around eight o’clock I like to start washing the day off, starting with my skincare routine, my routine moves around a lot, as I often have a lot of different products I am trying out, I will always use my core favourite, Lush Ultrabland Cleanser, I use this a first cleanse as it’s a balm cleanser. Every couple of days I will do a face mask, which is a great way of winding down.

Time for Bed.

This Works Deep Pillow Spray

Some nights I will make a ‘night-time’ or chamomile tea if I feel like I am going to struggle to get to sleep that night, then at around ten o’clock, I will spray my bed with *This Works deep sleep pillow spray and crawl into bed, once I have moved all of my cushions, out of the way of course!

I hope you all have a good World Sleep Day, what’s your favourite part of your nighttime routine?

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4 thoughts on “My Nighttime Routine – It’s World Sleep Day.”

    1. Thank you!:) I know exactly what you mean, I’m fairly strict on my bedtime, if i miss it, or am out that night, it throws me ff for the next couple of days.
      -All The Best, K x

  1. Great routine. The thing I love the most about my own night routine is drinking a hot green tea. I can wait for that part of the day (:

    1. Thank you so much:) Absolutely, it’s always the little things to look forward to that gets you through a rough day.
      All The Best, K x

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