Reykjavik 10/10 Would Recommend!

For my 21st birthday, my mum booked a holiday for my boyfriend and I. It was a mystery as to where I was going until my birthday, it still allowed time to sort things out as my birthday is in December and my workplace doesn’t allow holidays November-February. On my birthday I found out that we were going to Reykjavik, Iceland, which is what I’m going to tell you all about.

The Flight.


We flew from Luton to Keflavik, due to flying at 7:45 and living around 2.5 hours from Luton we stayed at the Ibis hotel. It was my boyfriend and I’s first-ever flight, and this is when I realised that I am an extremely nervous flyer, it was horrible for the taking off the landing, and the turbulence, but Iceland and it’s beauty made it so worthwhile, mainly because as soon as we landed, everything had a blanket of fresh white snow.

The City.


Reykjavik is such a small city, I can get lost in my home town, but I actually ended up getting my bearings, it’s so easy to get around on foot. One thing that really impressed me was their pedestrian crossings, in England, we press the button and wait for the green man, in Reykjavik, I’m not sure about the whole of Iceland, you just stand near the sensor and it knows that you’re waiting, however, sometimes, when the green man is on, the traffic lights are also on a green which is super confusing. All along the streets, there are different restaurants, and mainly gift shops, and winter clothing shops.

The People.

Reykjavik Ice Bar

Icelanders are so polite and helpful, Iceland is actually rated the second most happy country to live in, everybody seems so carefree, whilst being there I didn’t feel one ounce of judgment, also it is so safe, there is no sign of street drinking, just no signs or feelings of danger whilst walking around, it’s incredible. Another really nice touch is that almost every building has fairy lights and plants in their windows, its all so pretty!


Grand Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

We did the Grand Golden Circle Tour with Bustravel Iceland. On this tour we got to see all the natural beauty of Iceland, we saw Kerid, which is an old volcanic crater, Gullfoss falls which is Iceland’s most powerful waterfall, we saw Strokkur geyser and went to Thingvellir National Park. This tour was so good and thorough, I’m thinking of doing an individual post on this, would you like to read about it? Let me know. We did also book a tour to see the Northern lights, however, it got canceled every night we were there, we did, however, see a showing in a planetarium in Perlan museum which was crazy.

Advice on Going.

If this post has made you want to see the beauties of Reykjavik, or if you already wanted to visit, I would suggest getting accommodation with a kitchen, and buy food from Bonus which is a discount supermarket, because Reykjavik is expensive, as they have to get a lot of things imported. Iceland krona is very confusing, it took us a couple of days to get used to something costing 2450, where countries have pound and pence, or dollar and cent, they have krona being a whole, their currency isn’t decimalized (is that even a word?) despite all this stuff, I have fallen in love with Iceland, and cannot wait to go back already.

If you have been to Reykjavik or any parts of Iceland, let me know what your favourite bit is, in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Reykjavik 10/10 Would Recommend!”

  1. This sounds so fun! My sister and I got to go to Iceland a few years ago, and it was magical. Glad you had a good time!

    1. itsakelthing

      We were so lucky to go In February before Covid really got bad. I agree it’s so, magical there!
      -All The Best, K x

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