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Self-Care Cult Favorites.

I believe that self-care is such an important thing, if you look after your body, it will look after you! During this lockdown, it’s extremely difficult to stay positive and motivated outside of your regular daily routine. I’m going to share my self-care cult favorites to hopefully inspire you to take some time out for yourself during this unusual time.

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Cleansing Balms.

Lush Ultrabland

I find that taking my makeup off it such a satisfying feeling, especially using a cleansing balm, my cult favourite is Lush’s Ultrabland Facial Cleanser.

The wax and oils melt on the skin attracting oils, and makeup like a magnet to remove it, not that I’m wearing much at the moment mind, but it’s still great just to use as a cleanser, rather than a makeup remover, it’s so clarifying, yet moisturising, even Luh’s founder says this is their no.1 dessert island product due to it being so multi-functioning. If you get your hands on a cleansing balm, really take your time on massaging into the skin, it feels wonderful, plus, its the perfect time for some time effective self-care. I talk a little more about Ultrabland here.

Bubble Bath.

Bubble Bath and Reusable Bubble Bar

Bubble baths are such a self-care cliche, but they work, not to mention that you can get bubble baths on any budget. Baths can fix most things, they help aches and pains, and can help clear the mind if your feeling stressed and anxious.

If your stuck in at the moment with family and you want some time to refresh, a bath is ideal for this, take a book, and light a candle, it’ll do you the world of good.


Battery Tea Light

I touched on candles in the last paragraph, much like baths, candles are also a self-care cliche, but I love candles. There are so many different ones to pick from, based on price or scent.

A candle brand I love is DW Home candles, TKMaxx often stocks a lot of these, however, since writing this I have moved out, and I am no longer allowed to burn candles, but the same effect can be reached with battery candles*, and electronic wax burners, if your landlord doesn’t allow candles, just like mine.

Facial Spritzes.

By Nature Face Spritzes

I have so many face sprays/spritzes, I find they’re so refreshing to use during my skincare routine, or just throughout the day. There are many available for different skin types. There’s no better feeling than a facial spritz on a hot day.


Bullet Journal

Last but not least is journalling. I use the bullet journalling method and love the flexibility in using it for whatever is needed at the time.

I use mine to vent, record memories, make todo lists, and sometimes just to doodle. Bullet journalling is what you make it, you can just use a notebook and a pen, or you can go all out.

I hope that you are all staying safe, and are still caring for yourself even if your day to day life may be turned upside down. What self-care acts, products have been using a lot recently?

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It's A Kels Thing - Self - Care Cult Faves

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    1. itsakelthing

      Can never go wrong with Lush! Definitely a number one place to go once the world is safe again:)
      -All The Best, K x

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