Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine App?!

Do you find it intimidating with how many skincare products there are, and constantly hearing about active ingredients? I know I do. There’s first step cleansers, water cleansers, toners, essences, moisturisers, serums, and then AHA’s and acids, and retinol. It sends me into a frenzy of wondering what I should use, and when; then I found this app simply called ‘skincare routine’ (click here to download on Android or IOS) and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! The app runs alongside DECIEM products such as the ordinary, which have overwhelming products that just sound like chemicals you should be wary about putting on your face.

On the Skincare Routine app, you enter information about all your products, the name, what consistency it is, what product type it is, and what active ingredients the product have (don’t worry, the app developer has made a tick list for this so you can just cross-check with the ingredients).

Skincare Routine

Once all the products have been entered, the app then organises all your products into a routine, or when you should use a product, but also tells you what active ingredients clash with other products in your routine As you use the products, you tick it off, if other products ingredients clash in your routine it will be crossed out to avoid using it.

If you find that you are not happy with the order in which the app has done, you can just tap and drag the product to where you want it to be. Another thing I have found good about this app is that every morning and evening you can see every product you have, that way you can see exactly what you’ve got without forgetting about products if you have multiple, I’m sooo guilty of this.

Some other features this app offers which is not necessary but handy: is you are given the option to rate your skin condition every time you do your routine so you can look back on it, as well as fill out a skin diary, you can enter the time in which you opened that product so you don’t miss the expiry date, you can put brief instructions to be shown next to that product whilst you are using it, whether that product makes sun damage more likely and wait time, for example, if you are using a face mask that has to be on for 10 minutes, when you tick to say you have applied it, there will be a notification after ten minutes so you know when to wash it off.

Skincare Routine App

I really started to see skincare as an overwhelming chore. I love it once I am doing my routine, but I dreaded the thought of all my products and what to do and when now I have this app, I’m not sure I could be without it. I also recently found out that this app is a solo developed app, meaning that only one person has made it, which I find incredible.

Have you used this app? let me know what you think in the comments.

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