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What Skincare Treatments Are Best For Your Skin Type?

Do you want to try every single new skincare product that gets advertised or offered to you? So do I, however, not all products are fit for our skin type, and this is really important. Say you have dry and extremely sensitive skin and you try a scrubbing mask. There’s a high chance that your face is going to have a bad reaction, compared to if you used a thick creamy hydrating face mask. Which your skin will probably love.

The Main Skintypes.

Your skin will love you so much more if you buy products that suit your skin. First things first is working out what skin type you have. Skin types are normally categorised in dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. However, there are more complex skin types.

My Skintype.

My skin type is A combination of sensitive and dehydrated/damaged. That may seem confusing, so let me explain that to you. My t-zone (forehead, nose, and my chin) can get very oily, however, under my eyes and my cheeks are often very dry. I’ve had a very long journey with my skin.

I had very problematic acne-prone skin when I was in school. I think most do. However, I made it worse by drying the skin out hoping that it would dry the spots out. It did the opposite, I actually ended up burning my skin which in turn damaged it. Let’s get into what treatments are better for which skin types.

Dry Skin.

If you have dry skin you want hydrating treatments. Many sheet masks are good for moisturising the skin, sheet masks are great as you don’t need to wash them off. Serum from the mask is good for a quick, or lengthy face massage. Hydrating cream face masks are also an effective treatment for dry skin. You just put them on clean skin, leave them on for the time stated on the packaging, and then simply rinse it off. One product I absolutely love for dry skin is sleep masks. These are great for a boost of hydration. You just apply them after your moisturiser/night cream and just let it soak in overnight.

Oily Skin.

A traditional clay mask is great for oily skin. Clay will soak up the excess oils on the face and detox deeply in the pores. The only downside I find with clay masks is the mess of cleaning them off the skin, but after using them I notice such a difference. They always make my skin really smooth, and a lot brighter. One thing that is great for oily skin is regular exfoliating. No matter what skin type you have, exfoliating is a good thing to do. Especially as oily skin can be prone to blocked pores, I favour chemical exfoliators over physical exfoliators. But it all depends on what your skin reacts best to.

Combination Skin.

I feel that combination skin is the most versatile skin type, as you have a bit of everything. Meaning you can use most products. If you figure out which areas are dry, and what areas are oily, (most likely the t – zone) you can then use what products are fitted to which areas.

Sensitive Skin.

Sensitive skin can be so difficult to care for. I have such sensitive skin to the point where I can not use some cotton wool. If you have sensitive skin, be careful with regular exfoliating, abrasive products, and acids. If you wish to use direct acids, and you have sensitive skin make sure to build up your skin’s tolerance to them. There will be instructions on how to do this on most product packaging.

Skin type products

Masks and MoisturisersFor Dry Skin:

Avon Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask, this is put on after your moisturiser/night cream and you sleep with it on. This allows your skin to absorb it whilst it’s recovery mode. The morning after I’ve used this my skin looks so much plump and radiant.

Nuxe Ultra Comforting Face Balm, I use this in the serum stage of my skincare. I find this is great for severely dehydrated skin. It’s a thick balm but sinks in quickly. Plus it smells lovely.

No7 Nourishing Hydration Mask, this mask is spiraled with two different products that work together to deeply nourish the skin. This mask is used after cleansing and then rinsed off.

Exfoliators For Dry Skin:

Hello Body Aloe Tonic, this tonic is a chemical exfoliator, but it has Aloe infused so it is also safe to use for dry and sensitive skin. The AHA included in this product is Lactic Acid which is one of the most gentle of AHA’s.

Treatments For Oily Skin:

Loreal Paris Pure-Clay Detox Mask, there are a few in this collection depending on your skin type. I have the grey one with a green lid, and even though I don’t use this very often, I notice a massive difference when I do. It can sometimes bring a few spots out but that’s due to pulling all the toxins out from the pores.

Filorga Meso – Mask Smoothing Radiance Mask, this face mask is pricey, I’ll say that first. I have a miniature which I got either in a subscription box or my advent calendar. I find this mask very unique as it is smooth in texture. i was expecting texture, but you leave it on clean skin for around twenty minutes. And it will smooth by chemically exfoliating, but it is so gentle. It’s LOVELY.

Exfoliators For Oily Skin:

Balance Me PHA Clarifying Mist, this is a chemical exfoliator, but in a face mist form. I don’t use this very often as it can be quite potent, but it gets the job done.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment, this mask has the benefits of both a chemical exfoliator and a clay mask. Please be careful if you have sensitive skin. On the packaging, it does say that if you have sensitive skin to not massage it in.

I hope this post has helped you figure out what products you should be using. Please let me know in the comments what your skin type is, and what products you love.

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    1. Aren’t they great? I just wish I didn’t put them off because of the mess of removing them.
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  1. I can’t find these products in my country but I appreciate the recommendations, it’s super important to take care of your skin daily.

    1. Oh no, that’s such a shame about not being able to get these products, but you’re absolutely right, skincare is so important!
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