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What’s On My Bedside Table?

I don’t know about you, but EVERYTHING ends up on my bedside table, it’s such an important aspect to my bedroom. When I’m in my bedroom I will be on my bed, so I like to have everything at hand. When I’m tiding and cleaning, I will make my bed, then tidy and clean my bedside table. As it’s so important, here is a tour of my daily essentials that belong to my bedside table.

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lipsticks in birchbox drawer

I always found that I didn’t have enough room on my bedside table so I bought a set of three cube shelves*; rather than having the two bigger ones on the wall they fit perfectly on my bedside table, and then birchbox’s (which I love to reuse, one has face masks in, and another has matte lipsticks in) fit perfectly in the bigger one.

My bullet journal is always on my bedside table closer to my bed along with all my most used pens so I can journal at any time with the reach of an arm, I did use to have it on a shelf on the wall, but I didn’t reach for it as often as I wanted as it’s something I really do love to do.

I always want to be a reader but I just always put off reading, I did read a little bit when I had to travel further for work, but now I work locally again I just don’t find myself reaching for a book which is why I have a book at my bedside along with my journal, hopefully, it’ll work.

skincare on bedside table

Last but not least, I also keep a small amount of skincare on my bedside table such as hand cream, serums from the ordinary, facial oils, a few eye creams and a lip mask, so that as long as I have removed my makeup, no matter how tired I am I have no excuse to use these products.

There are my bedside essentials, do you feel the same about your bedside table, and what are your essentials?

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